Day 1 - paralel events 3

     Session «Solid Waste Management»,4 floor Lviv Arena.

  • 11:00-12:00

    Regional waste management action plans and EU experience..

    Moderator: Vadym Nozdria, Director of Lviv Communal Enterprise «Green City»

    1. Representative of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukrain (with consent)
    2. Representative of Lviv Regional State Administration (with consent)
    3. Anton Usov,,Senior External Advisor, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    4. Paul Stender,,Chief Engineer, Ecosoft Research and Production Association
    5. Dr. Jurgis Valiūnas,, Head of Department of Environmental Engineering, Hydroterra LTD
    6. Jack McQuibban,, Zero Waste Cities Program Coordinator from Zero Waste Europe
    7. Lidiya Boichyshyn, , candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry Ivan Franko National University
  • 12:00-13:00

    Setting up a municipal waste management system: Organic waste management..

    Moderator: Sergii Klymenko, Representative of the EBRD Consultant on «Lviv Solid Waste Project»

    1. Vadym Nozdria, Director of Lviv Communal Enterprise «Green City»
    2. Olga Goitowska, Deputy Director of Gdańsk Public Utilities Department
    3. Klaus Hoppe, consultant on municipal structures for sustainable urban development, climate protection and waste management
    4. Enzo Favoino, Head of the Zero Waste Europe Scientific Committee (on Skype)
    5. Bob Bailey, Director of Climate Change Group («ENVIROS» company)
  • 13:00-14:00

    Lunch, informal communication.

  • 14:00-15:00

    Separate collection and recycling. Extended producer responsibility.

    Moderator: Iryna Myronova, Head of NGO «Zero Waste Lviv»

    1. Olga Melen-Zabramna, Head of the Legal Department of the ICF "Environment - People - Law"
    2. Anna Tarantsova, Deputy Head of Ukrainian Packing-environmental coalition
    3. Julia Stelmach, senior manager to work with authorities «Carlsberg Ukraine»
    4. Olexiy Oliinychuk,Director of Lviv Brewery
    5. Representative of Galpet (with consent)
    6. Representative of the Kiev Cardboard and Paper Factory (with consent)7
    7. Representative of Zmiev Paper Factory (with consent)
  • 15:00-16:00

    Working with the public. Information and education campaigns.

     Moderator: Iryna Bilyk, coordinator of the environmental initiative "Squirrel - green thought in action".

    1. Iryna Myronova, Head of NGO «Zero Waste Lviv»
    2. Illya Petryk, Head of the NGO «Green Box»
    3. Oleg Kotys, Coordinator of the environmental initiative «Clean City Lviv»
    4. Valery Goncharenko,head of the NGO «CHYSTO.Vyshhorod»
    5. Olga Konyukh, co-founder of Psychotherapy Center «Verde»

Day 1 - September 12, 2019

Day 2 - paralel events 1

Day 2 - September 13, 2019

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